Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell any Land Dominator Components individually

Yes, please reach out to if you are interested in any of the components in our LD1.

Where can I see a Land Dominator

Durango, CO

What is the lead time for a Land Dominator

3 months

How do I buy a Land Dominator

Reserve yours directly on our website or give our sales team a call at (970) 852-4854

Can I rent one

Email us at info@landdominator.coto check our rental unit availability 

Do you offer financing

Currently, no.

Can I test drive one

Yes, visit our facilities for a test drive. To schedule a test drive please reach out to our sales team.

Do you ship overseas

Currently, no.

Where is Land Dominator made

We build and manufacture all our Land Dominator rigs in Durango, CO

How do I apply for a job at Land Dominator

Email us at to inquire about job opportunities