LD1 Blueprint

The LD1 Blueprint

We are excited to present to you the LD1 Blueprint! We have crafted a high-end apartment to fit perfectly into a Mercedes Sprinter Van. From the space itself to the vans' high-tech capabilities:

Comfort is king in our LD1. The LD1 Van has a full shower, full flushable toilet, an oversized 75-gallon freshwater tank and a queen size plus mattress. With selected options it can seat up to 5 adults comfortably all in safety certified seats. The van is built on a fully upgraded 170 extended dually van on an Agile Offroad RIP suspension system. This system adds a 2in lift to our 170 duallys and significantly improves ride quality, handling, and comfort. This allows for a lot of breathing room, a lot less clanging when you drive, and a lot of places to relax in.

Check out the blueprints for yourself!

LD1 Interior layout
LD1 Exterior Layout
LD1 Interior Design


LD1s are available for sale now with delivery starting in Summer 2022. We currently only have 3 left for delivery in Summer 2022 and will be taking Fall 2022 orders soon.

Land Dominator is a late-stage manufacturer and registered dealer in Colorado. You can feel safe purchasing out vans! We guarantee our workmanship with a 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty on all the work we do inside and outside the van. Less stress, more adventures.